Sunday, July 1, 2007

there you go!

prepare the car for the trip!

get free beer on a company celebrations: 0,- €
thinnk again about it at 120km/h: PRICELESS! :D
sorry, mario!! :D

after a seven and a half hour trip we finaly did it,
welcome to chimay!

the aircooled dog..

realy nice oval, from germany!!

hotel swiss.., nice to see you again mr. dubiosi! :D

no comment to this car! :(
if, you whant --you could highjack the car, but nobody whant!! :P

didn´t see the dfl driving on the strip..
..they´re just talking!! :P

on the way home, to good old frankfurt!
did you see the signs.. love you too tom and spetz! :P
sorry norbert, i´m not a professional photographer! :(
get some sleep.. sorry again mr. puke! :P
was a nice day at ebi.. thanks for the event!!

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